Wednesday, January 30, 2008



My name is Marilyn.I'm 11years old now.
In england my name is Mary.

I'm in form five GAG.
I live in Estonia.I was born in Tallinn.
I have a family too, there lives my mother my stepfather ,stepsister,little sister,me and my stepgrandmother and my dog.I have 2 sisters one is 2years old name is BrittenElishapeth other is Kristi and 20years old.One mother Ilona 32years old.2fathers one is Ringo 43years old and other is Arvo but i don't remember how old he is!And i have 1dog name is Maximus called Max and cat ho lives in Hiiumaa name Miisu.2Grandmothers one stepgrandmother her name is Olly and grandmother Tiivi and one grandfather Slaavik.2aunts younger Galina and older Silvi.2uncles younger Jüri and older Tõnu.I have 2friends ho lived over the streets Ann-Triksden and other is Kristina.My friends are my classmates and all class and other classes,teachers,family.