Tuesday, February 26, 2008


Tower of London.
Tower Bridge.
Globe Theatre.
London Eye.
Houses of Parliament.
Buckingham Palace.
Trafalgar Square.
Piccadilly Circus.
St Paul's Cathedral.


Tower of London is a very big building.
Tower Birdge is the biggest biridge.It's very old and beautiful.
Tower of London is a very big building.
The Tower of London is more than 900 years old.
Tower Birdge is the biggest biridge what I have seen.
It is very beautiful and very old.
Globe Theatre is very rotund.
My parents have only seen it beacuse they are visiting in every summer the London.
London Eye is very big wheel.
Houses of Parliament looksbeautiful and old.
It has many towers.
Buckingham Palace is very very big and old home of Queen.
Trafalgar Square is built as memory moss.
On centrally are Column of Nelson.
Piccadilly Circus is very lighted, especially on night.
St Paul's Cathedral has a dome on it.

Monday, February 25, 2008


Quest: Wich is the most interesting place you have visited?
Katerina: I have visited Latvia.
Quest: When did you go there?
Katerina: In summer.
Quest: How did you tavel?
Katerina: I travelled by bus.
Quest: Hho did go with you?
Katerina: With my friends and parents.õ

Wednesday, February 20, 2008


Karlote: We've missed the bus.
Marilyn: Let's take a taxi.
Silver: Have you ever been late for school?
Karlote: No, never.
Marilyn: We got lost!
Silver: Let's ask the way.
Karlote: Okey.
Marilyn: Are you ever lost you'r wallet?
Silver: No, never.
Karlote: Let's buy a new dress?
Marilyn: Why don't you wear it to the party today?
Silver: I never been to party!
Karlote: Thats okey let's buy you too new dress?
Marilyn: I hope you like it.
Silver: Yes. Let's take some photos of my bunny.
Karlote: Yes thats good idea.
Marilyn: Silver would you like to stick them on the wall?
Silver: Yes i never stick photos on wall.
Karlote:Are photos ready?
Marilyn: Not yet.
Silver: I have to go now bye.
Karlote: Bye.
Marilyn: Bye.

Monday, February 18, 2008


Mr Lawrence has been to Japan twice.
He went there by plane in 1998 and in 1999.

Mrs Lawrence has been to Japan twice.
She went there by plane in 1999.

Mr Lawrence has been Wales in twice.
He went there by car in 1996.

Mrs Lawerence has been to France twice.
She went there by train in 1995.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008


Valentines day!

Bears Day!

My mistakes A.

  1. The Titanic sank in 1912.
  2. I have walked to work every day for the last six weeks.
  3. Ouch. I've cut my finger.
  4. I have visited the Louvere.
  5. I lived in Paris when i was a child.

A day in London.

Some tourists are taking photos of ,,Day in london''. Some touble-dackers, bagpipe dancer, theatre tickets, guards, London eye, starbucks coffee, Big Ben. And station :)

London eye.

Some video of London eye.


There are Big Ben. some beadyful countries and some rooms.And there are London bridge on morning and night.And shop named Benjys.And subway.

London bridge

London bridge.


Past Simple-On the first day we took a tour on a sightseeing bus with an open top.
Present Perfect Simple-
Present Simple-
Present Progressive-
Future Simple-

Tuesday, February 12, 2008


Childrens are talking about theyr travelling.
Maria: Have you ever been to Scotland?
Sabrina: Yes, I have.
Maria: Do you like Scottich dances.
Sabrina: I like only the sworld dance.
Marina: Okey.
Sabrina: But do you want to come with my to London?
Marina: Yes with pleasure. I like London very much.
Tom: I like only Finland, London is so boring only talk english and english.
Anna: But i like Norway beacuse Norway is so beadyful. I was 6years old when i last visited Norway.
Sabrina: I like Noway too i want to visit Norway very much but i'll go to London.
Tom:No don't go on London it's nasty.
Anna: Tom have you ever been on London?
Tom: No i'm not.
Sabrina: But how you know that London is nasty?
Tom: I don't like it.
Maria: Actually London is very beatiful world why dont you visit London then?
Tom: I don't know but i can visit Norway.
Sabrina: That's good. I should go now bye.
Maria: My too bye.
Anna: My too bye.
Tom: Bye girls.

Monday, February 11, 2008

Malaaria ? Kanadas ?

Kas sul on olnud malaaria ? Kas sul on siis võimalused, et sa said selle tõbi soojalt maalt. Malaaria on rohkem levinud troopilistes maades, eriti nendes kus on märg ja niiske, ning, kus on moskiitod , mis võivad tõve edasi kanda.Aga hiljuti sai malaaria rohkem levinuks Kanadas. Üks hiljutine ettekanne teatas, et üle tuhande inimese said selle haiguse aastal 1997 Kanadas ja see number tõusis iga aastaga aastast 1994. See on üks hoiatav trend. Miks see malaaria oht siin tõuseb? Vastuseks on reisimine. Palju Kanadalasi reisib välismaale igal aastal ja nad saavad malaaria. Aga, kui üks naine Torontos sai selle haiguse, avastas tema doktor, et see naine polnud kunagi oma elus välismaale reisinud. Teda vist hammustas üks moskiito, kes oli selle haiguse saanud mõne teise haige Kanadalase käest.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Ex.Present Perfect and Past Simple.

Sigrid: Have you ever lived in Paris?

Elis: I lived in Paris when I was a child.

Sigrid: Did you go to the Louvre when you lived in Paris?

Elis: Yes, I went many times.

Sigrid: I have never visited the Louvre.

Monday, February 4, 2008

My mistakes!

1. Do you like Scottish dances ?
2. Thse are my drawings.
3. Have you been to foreing countries.
4. We have a sword.
5. Your brother has been to Germany.

The story of princess.(VERBS)

  1. Is, was, been.
  2. Live, live, lived.
  3. Wave, waved, waved.
  4. Sleep, slept, slept.
  5. Grow, grew, grew.
  6. Come, came, came.
  7. Take, took, took.
  8. Cut, cut, cut.
  9. Kiss, kiss, kissed.